"George is a fantastic assistant. When starting my company, I became completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks involved with keeping operations afloat. Having George on board has totally changed the game. Naked in Motion is significantly more productive than ever before, and I finally feel like I have the time and space to tackle big projects knowing that all the daily operations are being taken care of. They tackle my email newsletters, social media management, class scheduling and advertising, plus a myriad of other weekly tasks with efficiency. They've completely transformed my social media presence and have been a wonderful asset to the company." 

Willow - Owner/Founder of Naked in Motion

"Not only is George determined and resourceful, they also have a level of passion for every project they work on that is completely unparalleled. Their ability to make their clients feel at ease even at the most stressful moments is incredible. Their willingness to drop whatever they’re doing and take you out for coffee just to make sure every minute detail is going smoothly is only a brief glimpse at the humanity and compassion George puts into every project. You simply will not find another George Simon, a person with unfailing dedication, grit and desire to have the best possible product."

Ari Axelrod - AEA Actor

"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with George on the 2017 Fresh Grind Festival. In additional to being smart. knowledgeable. skilled, and impeccably organized, George is one of the most effective communicators and collaborators I've ever had the pleasure of working with. They have an amazing capacity to empower and encourage those around them, and create professional environments that are highly efficient and productive, while also being incredibly supportive." 

Ariana Rudess - Casting Director