Self Care Tips: A Review of Lush Bath Bombs for Anxiety


Since mid-July, I've been in a state of mild anxiety. It started with work related stress, and has since been influenced by the New York City Subway crisis, the distinct fragrance of city summers, and the tense politics of the United States. I'm taking various steps to take care of myself and have enjoyed experimenting with various self care remedies and tricks. I'll be sharing my personal self care tips and reviews of self care related products. 

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I occasionally have "Treat Yourself" moments (like Donna from Parks and Recreation) and they usually happen at whatever Lush store I stumble upon. The mini store underneath Columbus Circle drew me in with delicious smelling scents a few weeks ago. After a few minutes of gazing at some of their infamous bath bombs, I decided to buy several of them for me, myself, and I. I wanted to see which bath bombs would make my occasional bath as relaxing as possible. Baths, whether bubble or salt, have always been a great way for me to unwind after a long day, so I figured the ultimate self care gift to myself would be to buy a few of these bad boys. I picked five of them, each unique with varying smells, colors, and ingredients, with the help of the store attendant and hurried home to try one out. 

The bombs were primarily reviewed based on the senses of smell, touch, and sight. I've found that stimulating multiple senses with various objects and experiences has helped me keep calm in the past. The multi-sensory bath bomb is a great tool for me personally, and it could help you too! Let's get fizzy now, shall we?

Flowing and swirling colors are very relaxing to look at

Flowing and swirling colors are very relaxing to look at

Lush Bath Bomb #1: Over and Over

Who doesn't love cocoa butter? It makes your skinny creamy soft. I wanted to try out Over and Over first solely because it has a coat of this magical stuff on the outside of the bath bomb. I turned on a rock/indie playlist and dropped this in my tub.

The gorgeous stream of colors Lush heavily advertises on their website is definitely true with this specific bath bomb. A surprise touch of pink foam streamed out of the yellow center, creating a gorgeous sun-like pattern in the water. This bath bomb yielded the prettiest foam design and the colors lasted the longest out of any bath bomb I tried. It eventually settled into a dreamy, warm shade of orange. I would suggest trying this bath bomb for the colors and patterns alone. 

The scent was lovely as well: citrusy and bright, with touches of lime oil and fennel. It perhaps was more invigorating than relaxing, but the smell was definitely pleasurable. I enjoyed smelling it for twenty minutes and my anxious state certainly benefitted from the stimulation. 

My favorite part, however, was how silky smooth I felt after showering off. Soaking in cocoa butter and then emerging with such soft skin made me feel amazing. The feeling helped me be free from anxious thoughts up through bedtime. The cocoa butter is a brilliant touch, and Lush should consider adding it to future bath bombs (it's currently more often featured in soaps and other bars.) 

Overall Thoughts: Gorgeous visuals that last, good scent, and amazingly soft! Highly suggest!

it's so pretty *heart eyes*

it's so pretty *heart eyes*

Lush Bath Bomb #2: The Experimenter

I can't lie, I'm a sucker for pretty, psychedelic colors, and they often make me feel better when I'm stressed. When I read the tag for for The Experimenter in the store, I knew I had to try one. It was described as a cinematic experience, but did that hold up in the tub? 

The first thing I noticed was the relatively standard and weak vanilla scent. It was just fine and was definitely not as affective as other bath bomb scents. It sort of reminded me of the candy-scented perfumes I resorted to in middle school. I noticed that the scent didn't relate to the other elements of the bath bomb as well.

Or is it?

Or is it?

The actual physical bath bomb itself was the most unique with it's gem stone shape and variety of popping colors. The colors didn't hold up once the bath bomb hit the water though. A few different colors fizzed out with a bit of glitter at first, but only a few minutes later, a greenish, blue color overtook the tub. I was pretty underwhelmed, especially because this bath bomb was hyped up as a visual treat. I also want to note that I accidentally touched a piece of this crumbling bath bomb in the water and it stained my fingers for longer than I would expect from these products.  

I didn't notice any change in how my skin felt after using this bath bomb as well, which was disappointing compared to the bombs that delivered super soft skin. This bath bomb is a classic case of judging a product based on outward appearance. Sure the bath bomb was super pretty when I held it, but it failed to hold-up in the water and didn't please my other senses. Maybe my particular bath bomb was faulty in the color department, but the result was disappointing nonetheless. 

Overall Thoughts: Doesn't really hit the mark in sight, scent, or touch. Don't be fooled by the pretty colors. Skip it. 

I could stare at this all day

I could stare at this all day

Lush Bath Bomb #3: Sex Bomb

The name of this bath bomb, Sex Bomb, certainly highlights its' aphrodisiac intentions. I found the soft pink and purple colors of the external shell to be quite pretty. With no love-related intentions, I gave this one a go on the morning of my 24th birthday. 

Similar to The Experimenter, this bath bomb is one of the more aesthetically pleasing ones on the shelf. The pink rose nuzzled into the bomb was so adorable that I didn't want to submerge it at all. Once I placed it in the water, my bath transformed into a deep pink dream. The purple on the bath bomb itself didn't release a stream of purple in addition to the pink like I figured it would. It seemed to deepen the lighter pink into a magenta shade instead, but wow the color was gorgeous, strong, and long-lasting. The color overpowered any anxious feelings that I had that morning, and it felt magical to be submerged in pure pink. 

The scent was equally as pleasing to the senses. A hint of jasmine creates a floral aroma that isn't too overpowering, and the addition of clary sage rounds out the smell with an earthy, warm note. Though the scent was intended for aphrodisiac purposes, I found it to be relaxing and was in a serene state after smelling it for twenty minutes. 

 My skin emerged a bit more moisturized as well, though not as soft as it was after a bath with the Over and Over bomb. The primary softening ingredient is soy milk. The milky feeling was nice while I was in the tub but it also had me longing for a repeated cocoa butter experience. If anything, the lovely smell lingered on my skin longer than the feeling did. 

Overall Thoughts: This bath bomb created a gorgeous visual and olfactory experience. The name implies that it was designed for romantic purposes, but I think that it's a bit misleading and can be used for a relaxing bath. Try it out!


Lush Bath Bomb #4: Yoga Bomb

With a name like Yoga Bomb, this product had a lot of expectations to live up to. Yoga is associated with ultimate relaxation, meditation, and being able to let go. It was my final bomb of the bunch, and I was excited to dive in the tub after a long day at work to unwind. 

At first, I was pleasantly surprised by the additional colors that began to stream from the bath bomb after the initial hit of orange. Purples and blues began to foam from the orange center, which was really pretty to watch until the tub settled into a murky, brownish-yellow color that resembled amber ale. I was continually turned off by the color and couldn't really relax while looking at it. It looked dirty. The bits of glitter didn't make this experience more aesthetically attractive either. It honestly felt like taking a bath in last Friday night's drunken regrets.

It kind of looks like pee, tbh

It kind of looks like pee, tbh

Thankfully, the scent was more enjoyable than the questionable colors. The scent of ho wood and sandalwood oil were quite relaxing. Once I laid down and was able to close my eyes, I could enjoy and appreciate these calming scents. 

While the various wood oils were lovely in the olfactory department, I did feel a bit slimy and oily rather than soft and moisturized after I showered off. Thankfully, no glitter stuck to me, but it was a bit of a hassle to clean out of the tub. 

Overall Thoughts: A well-intentioned bath bomb that could benefit from a few changes. Smell was wonderful and relaxing, but the ugly color and annoying glitter took away from the positives. Pass!

Lush Bath Bomb #5: Big Blue

I've always been obsessed with the ocean, so I knew going in that Big Blue, an aquatic-inspired bath bomb with seaweed, would be perfect for me. 

The color is solely blue, somewhere between light blue and blue-green. Though it wasn't as visually exciting as my previous bath bomb, the teal hue was really relaxing to lay in. I was momentarily transported to the beautiful, vibrant color of Mediterranean waters. It remained bright for my entire bath and (best part!) didn't stain my white tub. 

The floating pieces of seaweed aren't the prettiest site, but the softening affect of the seaweed worked. While soaking, I patted my arms and legs with the bits of seaweed and my skin felt lovely after. The only downside of it was having to wipe it out of the drain and tub. For that reason, this was the hardest bath bomb to clean up after (lots of tiny seaweed pieces), but it was well worth it for the physical affects. 

Scent-wise, the saltiness is pretty strong. The website states that this product include lavender and lemon oil, but I'm not sure I noticed those smells while soaking in it. The sea salt was clearly the star of the show. I personally find the smell of the ocean soothing, but this scent may not be for everyone.

Overall Thoughts: Perfect for ocean lovers, single pretty blue color, and added benefits of salt and seaweed. Try this one out!

So which Lush Bath Bombs are best for anxiety?

This is definitely a matter of personal preference and it all depends on your priorities. Is looking at pretty colors and designs the best part of the bath bomb experience? Over and Over is the perfect bath bomb to fulfill your visual desires then. I would also recommend this bomb for its' touch of cocoa butter. If relaxing scents help you unwind, then I would suggest the floral and earthy Sex Bomb. For someone looking to momentarily escape their surroundings, Big Blue is definitely the way to go. It delivers an oceanic getaway through sights and smells, and the seaweed and salt make you feel amazing from head to toe. 

You can buy these bath bombs and other cosmetic products and locate a store near you on the Lush USA website

What's your top bath bomb from Lush? Let me know in the comments and I'll consider reviewing your favs in future blog posts. 

Stay tuned for more self care tips and product reviews soon!