Whole30 Diary: Prepare for Battle!

george simon whole30

I've always had a weird relationship with food. It's acted as a friend, comforter, addiction, time-passer, source of anxiety, and bitter enemy in various stages of my life. My relationship with food has improved as I've matured and taken positive mental health steps, but it still trips me up from time to time. That's why I'm committing to my first full round of Whole30 starting today, February 5th. I want to re-establish my connection with vegetables, protein, fats, and fruit and see food for what is is: nourishment. 

The Paleo diet was a large part of my college weight loss journey and it yielded good results. Whole30 and Paleo have a lot of overlap, so why am I not just going Paleo again? I'm doing Whole30 first because it's a reset rather than a diet. It's stricter and more structured for a set period of time and I need that.

Whole30 discourages ingredient-compliant recipe hacks (think paleo pancakes, tortillas, cupcakes, etc.) and that is important for me to adhere to because I have an unhealthy relationship with those types of processed foods. I also like that Whole30 focuses on non-scale victories. There's a chance I'll ease into Paleo after this round as a long-term lifestyle choice, but I'm just focusing on the next thirty days for now. You can check out the Whole30 program rules on the official website

I did extensive preparation and shopping over the weekend to set myself up for success. I stocked up on fresh produce (lots of winter vegetables) and organic chicken and beef, as well as some extra pantry staples like extra virgin olive oil and unsweetened almond milk. I am not used to so much food prep, but I really believe it'll pay off. 

baked chicken whole30

The chicken was baked with lemon and spices and will be used throughout the week. I roasted a batch of cauliflower, my favorite veggie, and it will probably disappear fairly quickly because it is so delicious. I also prepared hard-boiled eggs for a delicious, compliant avocado egg salad I whipped up this morning (I used this recipe but experimented with the condiments and spices.) 

I'm not accustomed to making larger batches of meals to store for future use (I can be a bit finicky with leftovers), but feeling so prepared for my first day was comforting when I woke up this morning. I felt very accomplished looking at my stocked fridge. 

I'm feeling excited and hopeful for what the next thirty days has in store. I'll post about my Whole30 journey on a weekly basis, sharing successes, struggles, favorite recipes, and non-scale victories I encounter along the way. Stay tuned!