Whole30 Diary: Week 3

I can't believe how quickly week 3 passed by! Week 2 was slow and cruel, but thankfully week 3 felt generally kinder. It was more rewarding with the numerous new non-scale victories that revealed themselves on different days, though it wasn't a complete breeze. 

Coconut Lime Chicken

Coconut Lime Chicken

Egg boredom set in around day 18, which made breakfast the most difficult meal throughout week 3. The notion of having another over easy egg seemed dreadful. I even felt bored with avocados, typically one of my favorite foods! I made myself eat the avocado egg salad I prepped (it felt wrong to let is go to waste just because I was finicky) but I also tried to switch things up a little bit by just not eating breakfast-like meals occasionally. There's nothing wrong with leftovers from last night for breakfast!

Variation seems to be key for a successful Whole30. I used week 3 to change up some of my recipes that had been in my wheelhouse since day 1. I finally used the ghee I purchased from Trader Joe's on some roasted cauliflower with curry spices, which gave it a totally different flavor than my usual extra virgin olive oil. I also found a few new recipes to try out, one being a fantastic Coconut Lime Chicken. It turned out creamy and flavorful, and I'll have to make it again sometime soon!

These non-scale victories popped up throughout week 3 and kept me motivated:

  • Increased energy: Since day 19, my energy level has been amazing! I had a super productive week and barely needed coffee. Hello, Tiger Blood!
  • Increased activity: This is related to having more energy, but I felt more motivated to exercise this week. I walked a total of 85,000 steps!
  • My clothes are starting to get loose
  • Improved mood, better at handling stress
  • More comfortable ordering out while staying compliant
  • Other people noticing: I know I shouldn't need to hear feedback from others on my appearance, but it did feel nice to hear it. I was told that I looked leaner and less tired by friends, which was really encouraging! 

As I begin week 4, I'm feeling confident. I'll check back in once my last week is complete. Day 30 is on the horizon!