Whole30 Diary: Week 2

Hello from Day 16! I'm posting this a day late because I spent President's Day weekend on vacation with some great friends. Yes, I stayed compliant, but more on that later. 

Truth be told, week 2 had a really rocky start. Monday hit me extra hard, and the notion of cooking was unbearable. Days 7 through 9 were extra tough because I felt like l had no appetite. My energy levels were low and I just wanted to sleep. So how did I stick with the program? I simplified the meals I cooked and let myself find a few compliant meals outside of my kitchen. 

Thank goodness for salad bars

Thank goodness for salad bars

A major case of the Mondays was survived by eating leftovers (thank goodness for chicken breasts and avocado egg salad!) My recipes became mostly one-pot/pan ones (like taco skillets with ground meat and veggies), which helped reduce the amount of dishes I had to do. I let myself go to the salad bar at Whole Foods when I didn't feel like cooking a few times (I checked every label thoroughly and put together crunchy kale salads with balsamic vinegar.) 

My energy began to improve by Day 11. I'm glad it did because I spent the long weekend upstate in an adorable house in Sullivan County with my fiancee and friends! I was nervous when I saw the cannolis Zach's dad made for us, but I managed to stay away from them. We mostly cooked and ate out twice and I stuck with my Whole30 rules.

Vacations can be tempting, but my amazing friends were super supportive the entire time. Zach has some serious cooking chops and really helped me out this weekend by cooking several compliant foods like roasted vegetables and lemon baked chicken. Haley poached eggs and they were angelic over diced avocado. I microwaved myself a baked potato and reheated the lemon chicken while everyone else had sandwiches. We all ate great food and had a wonderful time. I'm so grateful for their support! 

Week 2 was hard at the start, but I proved to myself that I could stick with it and I'm proud of that. Here are a few non-scale victories I experienced this week:

  • Fewer breakouts: My skin looked great and several people told me so!
  • Fewer cravings than I experienced in Week 1
  • Improved mood and energy since Day 11
  • Fewer PMS symptoms over the weekend: I had less cramping than usual and haven't felt bloated. 

I'm starting Week 3 with a full fridge and I'm feeling good! Till next time!