The Weirdest Jobs I've Had in New York City (so far)

Being a flexible independent contractor can come with some odd moments. Clients have come to me with a variety of strange tasks to handle for them. I'm usually up for any challenge, and having an open mind is essential when try to build a business. Still, some of the things I've done in this city have been peculiar to say the least. The following assignments have been the most unique thus far:

1.) Bass Bonanza

I was part of the general management team for a small musical where the actors doubled as the instrumentalist. The production decided to rent instruments for the duration of rehearsals and performances. Transporting a fiddle, a guitar, and a snare drum from the rental facility on the Upper West Side to a rehearsal studio in NoHo would be a piece of cake. The upright bass, however, gave me pause. To make matters worse, the production told me it did not have the budget to pay for a taxi cab to transport the bass. I had to schlep that monster of an instrument from the rental facility on Riverside Drive down Broadway for close to one hundred blocks in the 90-degree blaze of summer. The experience taught me an important lesson: always bring an extra shirt to work!

2.) Closet Salad Tosser

While working for a professional in midtown as a personal assistant, I would buy a custom salad from Chop't for them daily. One time, I accidentally ordered the dressing on the side instead of having it pre-tossed in at the store. As I handed them the salad and the small side cup of dressing, they threw up their hands and said, "I can't do this." For clarification, I said, "What?" to which they responded, "I can't put dressing on my salad. I don't have time to. Bring it back to Chop't and have them put it on." They walked away to their next client as I stared at the salad, dumbfounded. Bringing the salad back to Chop't seemed like such a waste of time. I took the salad into a closet, poured the dressing on the salad myself, and gave the plastic container a good shake to toss. I waited about fifteen minutes, the amount of time it would take me to go to Chop't and back again, and then gave my boss the now dressed salad. 

3.) Secret Scary Video Transport

An entertainment company once had me hand-deliver a new film they produced on a USB stick to a large tech company that was interested in adding it to their movie catalogue. I was not allowed to watch the film, I could only plug in the USB to the computer in the conference room and sit at a desk outside for two hours. As I sat at the desk and played on my phone, I heard people in the office screaming and gasping throughout the film. Having to listen to their reactions for two hours was excruciating, especially because I couldn't know what the film was about. After it ended, they kept the USB and told me I could leave. I'm still curious... 

I'll be sure to update this post with more (inevitable) weird jobs in the future. What have your weirdest jobs been?