Side Hustle Suggestions: Tips for Earning Extra Income

george simon side hustle extra income

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There's one question I am often asked as a person in the entertainment industry: How do you pay your bills? Artistic industries are known for not paying well, so how do I manage to cover that dreaded Manhattan rent bill at the end of the month?

Enter the side hustle. Or, truthfully, multiple side hustles. I have so many random gigs and jobs, it's hard to keep track sometimes. They are totally worth the extra effort because I feel more at ease with my personal finances while still being able to work in entertainment. Having several side gigs has helped me cover my expenses without fear and has aided the growth of my savings account. Here are some side hustle suggestions and tips to up your monthly income:

  1. Use your existing skills. As a general manager, I'm used to sending and managing multiple emails, creating budgets and schedules, and performing various other administrative tasks for whatever show I'm working on. I quickly realized that these skills are useful in almost any industry, and I have since gotten several long-term jobs and short-term gigs as an administrative assistant. Know and maintain a list of your skills and search for side jobs that include as many as them as possible. Don't forget that knowing certain tech applications counts as a skill! It is possible to learn a skill for a job, but employers definitely prefer finding someone who needs as little training as possible. 
  2. Search in unusual places. Job posting and networking sites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn have plenty of listings, but I tend to actually get jobs from less-obvious sources. I got a part-time admin job for a yoga studio on, even though the job had nothing to do with theatre. I've also gotten multiple gigs from various Facebook groups, particularly ones that are meant for niche populations like the Art Girl Army group and alumni of my college. Check outside of your usual job listing sources and you may be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities that come your way! 
  3. Turn your hobby into work. I love writing. I used to consider writing to solely be a personal hobby, but now I use my writing as a profitable skill. I've been a ghostwriter and have written copy about all sorts of topics. A hobby can provide income with a little bit of research and appropriate marketing. Are you crafty? Sell your creations online or in a market. Do you use photoshop for fun? You can offer those editing skills to people who need them and will pay for them. It's definitely a perk to enjoy your work, so see if your passion can somehow increase your income. 
  4. Find work-from-home or online gigs. What's better than working while wearing pajamas? Online work can be an awesome side hustle for numerous reasons, though you have to do a lot of research and use your best judgement to make sure an online job is legitimate. If you have the option to interview in person/via video call, absolutely do it - this will help you determine whether the gig is a scam. Be careful about giving your personal information out as well and read the fine print. One of my main side hustles is as a virtual assistant for a small business - the owner and I have phone calls and in-person meetings occasionally, but 95% of my hours are done from my laptop, which I've come to like. I have also made a bit of money as a transcriber on and by filling out surveys. There are some scams out there, but it is possible to find gigs that allow you to work from anywhere. 

Have any tips for finding a side hustle or making extra income? Leave them in the comments!